Saturday, June 30, 2012

Electronic Media

I have learned a lot about social media and electronic media in the past two lessons. I was very close-minded before, and now I see that these tools can be very effective. Blogging and using sites like Twitter are free of charge and reach a broad market. They are just about a requirement for business owners and professionals. While I didn’t think I would ever use these sites, I have learned that they are not too bad for sharing information. I still think it’s unnecessary for people to put their whole lives out there, but I can now see the benefits of these sites. Another tool I have learned about is Although I don’t know if it will benefit me personally, I think it is a good site for storing information. I have to face the fact that the world is changing and if I want to keep up, I have to get with the times. The book states that face-to-face communication is the richest form of communication and I believe it is still one of the best ways to share messages. As a society, I hope we don’t lose sight of the value that personal communication adds to our lives. Brandon Courtois Week 7.4

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