Wednesday, July 25, 2012

reflection brandon

I was happy with the broad topic choices. It gave me a chance to do a PowerPoint on something I enjoy not that do not like business but it was nice to do something completely off the topic I have had to choose so far in my learning experience with OTC. I did not use voice thread and I really regret it but the microphone I thought I had I cannot find. I think it would have been a great stepping stone for public speaking that I have not taken yet. I like doing PowerPoint’s I feel I am good at them and it is fun to add your own flare to things.Brandon Courtois week 13

Sunday, July 22, 2012


For the power point presentation I felt pretty comfortable with everything except the voice thread. That was a new experience for me. But despite my hesitation, it worked out quite well and I found it to be very user friendly. That worked out well for me except I don't like the way I sound on it. What didn't work so well was that you lose any animations that you put into your power point. I would like to see that come across when you use the voice thread. The only thing I would do differently next time is wait until I don't have a cold to narrate my presentation. I will probably use the voice thread in my future career. I think it adds a lot to your presentation when you cannot be there in person. Overall I found this assignment to be interesting. Karla Brewer week 13.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Course Reflection

The information I have learned in this class so far has been very beneficial. I just took ENG 101 in the spring to prepare for this class. The knowledge that I have on things like being positive in a message will stick with me.  I have also gotten on Twitter, which I thought I would never do. I have not used it much after that assignment, but nonetheless, it got me to open my mind. I have learned how important Social Media is for business. Something we did in the class that was not as valuable to me was the discussion boards. Since it seems like forcing conversation, I feel like people just write the minimum word count to get their points. There was not much information that I will take with me in my career from the discussion boards. Even though team blogging is similar, it seemed more meaningful and better thought out than the discussions did. Overall, I have really enjoyed the class. Brandon Courtois Week 11.3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

electronic media

I have recently learned that social media can be a good thing. I have always had the old school philosophy that face to face communication is best, but in this day and age, social media such as blogging can be a real asset. I think that of all the alternatives we have studied so far, blogging is my favorite. It gives you a chance to put yourself out there to the community and to hear their feedback. I still like the face to face communication, but reluctantly or not, I'm now a part of the social media. Karla Brewer week 11