Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogging for business

At the present, I am a stay at home mom and going to school, but my son and his best friend are starting a business of restoring old cars. I will be their business manager and receptionist. A blog would help to get the word out about what we do as well as to show pictures of the cars before and after they are finished. It would give us an opportunity to share our ideals, goals, and business culture with the community. It would also give customers the chance to get to know us on a more personal basis. This would help them to make an informed decision if they wanted to do business with us. The yellow pages in the phone book do not provide information about the people who run the business. Blogging is a great way for people to contact you and let you know how you are doing. It is also a great way to recognize accomplishments in a public way and to express appreciation in larger circles. There are a lot of people who like to work on their cars and they might enjoy seeing the finished products, even if they are not interested in buying one of them. The work they see could lead to a verbal recommendation to someone who is interested in buying. It is a great social networking tool that I believe will become more popular with time.  Karla Brewer Week 6.2


  1. Karla, I agree that blogging is a great way to get your business out there. It’s really an electronic spin on word of mouth advertising. I would not have thought about that aspect of it, but I am not very good with social media. The best part of blogging is that it is free. You can’t beat getting high traffic advertising at no cost. Good luck to you and your son.
    Brandon Courtois Week 6.2

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  3. Blogging for Business-

    I feel a blog would benefit the company I work for, Mammoth Inc, a great deal. We have monthly meetings where all employees discuss the goals of the company, accomplishments, quality, revenue and other news. If they used a blog and posted the major points of the meeting it would get more involvement because the employees could have questions and concerns in mind instead of trying to think of them after the meeting. I don’t think using the blog should replace the meeting though. The talk around the shop sometimes is where the HVAC units we are building are going to go and what company they are for. We are a company that is growing and have been changing things up pretty constantly here lately. A blog could help transition from what we’re doing now to learning new ways in the future. If Mammoth put what they tell us out there and were as transparent as possible to the public, I think it would make them look good because it shows we are committed to continued improvement. Our equipment is well known in the commercial industry but does not have a completely good reputation because of our past quality. I think if it was visible that we are making improvements, it would help our sale reps obtain more business and our future customers have more loyalty to our company. Brandon Courtois Week 6.3