Saturday, June 23, 2012

Corporate Blog Review-Marriot

I have had the pleasure of reading the blogs from Bill Marriot of Marriot Hotels. This man represents integrity and class in the business world. He puts his employees first so in turn they will put the customers first. He has a commitment to diversity, social responsibility and community engagement. That is why the Marriot Hotel chains are extremely popular and profitable.  His blogs are both interesting and inspiring. He talks about the company’s culture, his travels and experiences, and his personal philosophy. He has a good, solid team that he has built and he trusts them completely. The key to the success of Marriot is respect. He respects his employees and the guests, and they respect him. He is honest in a field that is easily corruptible. It is plain to see from the comments that his employees are loyal to the company and to him personally. He sets a great example of what it takes to lead a company successfully. He has been CEO of Marriot for forty years until this March when he became the Executive Chairman of the company and passed the reins down to Arne Sorenson. He is still an active part of Marriot, but as he says, Arne is now driving the bus. Karla Brewer- Week 6.2


  1. Corporate Blog Review- Harter House

    Harter House is my favorite supermarket, so I thought I would check out their blog. Here is a link to it: I found some information that was really interesting to me since I love grilling and trying new cuts of meat. Their blog was really easy to read and it even had pictures. There were a lot of great postings such as “For Your Health”, “Our 6 Newest Items”, and “Greatest Moments in Meat”. Reading through all the information took longer than I had planned on because the articles all caught my eye. However, there were a couple things I noticed that sort of put me off. The first thing was that the company only posts once a month. For some consumers, more involvement in the blog might be welcome. This is especially true if there was any breaking news in the meat industry or if they were to be running any great specials. I also noticed that there were no comments posted to any of the blog articles. It made me wonder if very many people even know about the blog, let alone read it. It would be nice to see more involvement from the company and their customers. Brandon Courtois Week 6.3

  2. Reply to Karla-

    Mr. Marriott is an interesting man. I think a CEO that respect and values his employees is becoming much more essential in today’s market with things social networking such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. This is because disgruntled employees are capable of having a much bigger voice. It is nice to see and hear the major business men and woman who were upstanding citizens way before they were forced to be. Brandon Courtois Week 6.3